Huile végétale d’Argan bio 50 ml


huile végétale argan

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Argan oil is a treasure of nature used for its virtues since always by the Berbers. Today, its culture is respectful of sustainable development and constitutes a source of income for many women.
Rich in Omegas 6, it neutralizes the negative effects of free radicals. It nourishes dry skin, prevents wrinkles and is perfect for hair care.

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Capacity 50 ml
Latin name Argania spinosa
Botanical family Sapotacées
Botanical The Argan tree is a tree that looks like an olive tree and grows in Morocco and Algeria. It can reach 10 meters high and live up to 200 years. It adapts perfectly in a very arid and sunny soil. Its wood, very hard, is used for heating. Its leaves fall in the summer, during very severe droughts. Its roots, which can reach up to five times its circumference, can draw water up to 30 meters deep. Its flowers are yellow and give a fruit the size of an olive called argan.
Part used Fruit
Density Rich
Composition PUFA 35{62db8d3b11bcec2be6910e7b0c54b3cb652198fec1726cde5533cbe6490dd388} linoleic acid AGMI 48{62db8d3b11bcec2be6910e7b0c54b3cb652198fec1726cde5533cbe6490dd388} oleic acid AGS 18{62db8d3b11bcec2be6910e7b0c54b3cb652198fec1726cde5533cbe6490dd388} palmitic acid, stearic acid PUFA monounsaturated fatty acids / PUFAs polyunsaturated fatty acids / AGS saturated fatty acids
Mode of admission Massage ++ Cosmetic +++ Internal +++ Cure AGE
properties Protective skin, healing, nutritive Stimulant Anti-aging Hypocholesterolemic
indications Dry, damaged, dehydrated skin Early aging Acne, burns, chapped skin, scars, chickenpox Cholesterol Hair and nail care
Precautions for use The vegetable oil of Argane is slightly photosensitizing. It is not appropriate to apply it before exposure to the sun, but it effectively protects against cold and wind. Be sure to always choose a good quality oil, virgin and first cold pressed.